Vichy Spa Treatments

Vichy Hydrotherapy Spa Treatments

Water treatment was first developed by European monks to improve blood circulation, ease the pain in muscles and joints, and improve immune function of the body.Our Hydrotherapy Spa is a combination of ancient tradition & latest technology.

At karma we provide this perfect Vichy hydrotherapy spa which enhances the body-building system, combining SPA treatment, chromophototherapy,infrared, aromatherapy, bubble bath, steam bath and aural therapy with medical physiology and physical therapy to suit all ages.

Benefits of Hydro therapy Spa

Stimulate the blood circulation& promote metabolism.
Relieve of fatigue and increase energy.
Stimulate the meridians, relieve of pain.
Activate the skin, flushes away toxins &slow down aging.
Deep cleansing, detoxifying & beautify the skin.
Weight loss and bodybuilding.

Karma Spa Treatments

At Karma we are proud to introduce our most advanced luxurious Vichy Hydrotherapy steam and Bath. We have a wide range of spa treatments, individual or combination of our luxurious hydrotherapy spa, were you soak in a mineral-rich vitality pool while massage jets pummel different parts of your body to boost circulation, followed by our organic aromatic body scrubs and organic body mask.

Vichy Rejuvenate (40 min)

$ 60

Combination of our luxurious Vichy Infra-red Sauna & Vichy jet Hydrotherapy.

Vichy Pure Bliss (60 min)

$ 110

Combination of our luxurious Vichy Infra-red Sauna/organic full body exfoliation/Vichy jet Hydrotherapy

Vichy Harmony (1 hr 45 min)

$ 160

Combination of Vichy hydro Spa Infrared Sauna/organic Fully body exfoliation/ organic Full body mask & Jet hydrotherapy.

Vichy Signature ( 2hrs )

$ 210

Combination of Vichy Infrared Sauna/organic Fully body exfoliation/organic body mask/ Jet hydrotherapy and a relaxing Full Body massage

Vichy Ultimate ( 3 hrs )

$ 280

Complete ultimate spa treatment includes Organic salt soak therapy/ Vichy Infra-red Sauna/organic full body exfoliation/ jet hydro Therapy/ organic Full Body mask and organic full massage and a Organic Spa Facial.