What are the benefits of waxing?


What are the benefits of waxing?

Tired of shaving every other day? Oh, and those cuts and irritation after that! Why not try waxing and maintain that silky smooth skin for weeks. Yes, waxing can keep the unwanted hair on your body from growing up to a month. This method removes the hair from the roots unlike shaving or other temporary hair removal methods that only remove hair from the surface.

But it’s not just that. There are a various other skin benefits that you get when you choose waxing over shaving. 

Waxing is an economical and reliable method to remove unwanted body hair that leaves your skin smooth, glowing and fresh.

Types of waxing

There are two types of waxing- cold and hot. Both the procedures involve applying wax to the body and removing it with a cloth. While using cold wax, the wax is directly applied to the body and then pulled off. Whereas, in the hot wax method, the wax is applied and removed using the cloth.

Benefits of waxing

Apart from leaving the skin soft and clean, waxing has a lot other skin benefits to offer. This method is quick and efficient and can be done in a professional spa, salon or even at home. But many women prefer getting it done at a spa or salon by a professional as it’s more convenient and comfortable. Here are a few benefits of getting waxed 

No cuts or bruises

While shaving, it’s common to get a few cuts or bruises that stay prominently as scars. It doesn’t only hurt but also looks bad especially when you’re trying to make you skin look great by removing the unwanted hair. That’s a pretty bad deal, don’t you think? Waxing is safe to use as it leaves with no cuts or bruises, only smooth, clean skin.

No irritation or allergies

There are chances of developing rashes or having an allergic reaction while using hair removal creams that contain chemicals, especially when you have sensitive skin. The wax used on the skin contains no harmful chemicals that can react and cause irritation of the skin. Waxing done by a professional can leave minimum to no redness for a short while and that’s about it.

Waxing routine makes the hair finer and lighter

Unlike shaving that leaves you skin with rough and patchy stubble when regrowth begins, the regrowth after waxing is finer and lighter. Once you start a waxing routine, each regrowth continues to get finer and softer.

Slow regrowth

Now we already know that this process pulls off the hair from the roots, which means that the regrowth will be slow. A good waxing session can keep unwanted hair away for as long as 45 days. And having a waxing routine also increases the time taken for the regrowth.

Improved skin texture and exfoliation

Waxing not only removes the unwanted hair but also the surface layer consisting of dead cells leaving your skin exfoliated with a smoother texture. Using chemicals like hair removing creams can disrupt or damage the skin but waxing actually makes it healthier and glow.

A lot of women hesitate getting waxed because they think it’s a very painful method. Let’s bust that myth for you. Waxing is not always painful. There are a lot of painless waxing options available and with each wax session, it gets more comfortable.

So what are you waiting for? Book your waxing appointment with us today and get that silky soft skin you’ve always dreamt of.